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Figure F27. Photograph and photomicrographs of vein morphology and composition. Fe-ox = iron oxyhydroxide. Fe-ox = iron oxyhydroxide. A. Main vein morphotypes (interval 329-U1365E-7R-3, 0–27 cm). B. Polymineralic vein exhibiting successive filling phases from iron oxyhydroxide, saponite, quartz, and calcite (Sample 329-U1365E-3R-2, 93–96 cm). C. Multiple calcite vein fills that show the directions of extension for each fill phase (Sample 329-U1365E-2R-1, 30–34 cm). D. Celadonite-filled vein (Sample 329-U1365E-5R-4, 27–29 cm). E. Celadonite and iron oxyhydroxide vein (Sample 329-U1365E-2R-1, 51–53 cm). A and C are under cross-polarized light and D and E are under plane-polarized light. All images are at 5× magnification.

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