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Figure F28. Photomicrographs of vesicle filling styles within basalt. Sap = saponite, Cel = celadonite, Ti-m = titanomagnetite, Ca = calcite, Fe-ox = iron oxyhydroxide. A. Celadonite-filled vesicle surrounded by saponite within a saponitic halo (Sample 329-U1365E-11R-1, 100–140 cm). B. Saponite- and calcite-filled vesicle (Sample 329-U1365E-3R-2, 93–96 cm) C. Saponite-filled vesicle (Sample 329-U1365E-3R-4, 67–69 cm). D. Iron oxyhydroxide–filled vesicle with a calcite center (Sample 329-U1365E-7R-3, 22–25 cm). A and B are under cross-polarized light and C and D are under plane-polarized light. A is at 20× magnification and B, C, and D are at 10× magnification.

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