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Table T3. X-ray diffraction results, Hole U1365E.

Core, section, interval (cm) Context Visual interpretation XRD result
3R-3, 30–33 Mixed clays Saponite Saponite
4R-1, 49–51 Vein filling Calcite, anhydrite Calcite
5R-4, 3–12 Vein filling Calcite Mg calcite
6R-1, 110–111 Vein filling Calcite Calcite
7R-2, 35–50 Vein filling Celadonite Mg calcite, saponite
7R-3, 44–45 Vein filling Calcite and saponite Mg calcite
7R-3, 127–138 Vein filling Calcite Calcite, saponite
8R-4, 5–9 Altered glass Saponite Celadonite, saponite
8R-4, 5–9 Vein filling Clays Saponite
8R-4, 120–132 Vein filling Celadonite Calcite, saponite
12R-2, 0–12 Vein filling Celadonite Mg calcite
12R-4, 75–77 Vein filling Clays Mg calcite, saponite

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