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Figure F14. Thin section photomicrographs of microfossils, Site U1372. A. Annelids showing infilling of volcanic sediments and micrite and later calcite cement forming a horizontal geopetal (Sample 330-U1372A-8R-1, 20–23 cm; Thin Section 20) (with crossed polars). Arrow points toward top of core. B. Planktonic foraminifers (Sample 330-U1372A-5R-4, 49–52 cm; Thin Section 53) (plane-polarized light). Most Site U1372 planktonic foraminifers observed in thin section are globular morphotypes with four or more chambers. Specimens shown here might be a group of hedbergellids. Because these specimens have not been sectioned axially, their identification awaits further onshore study.

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