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Figure F15. Thin section photomicrographs of basalt, Site U1372. A. Highly olivine-phyric basalt from Unit IV (Sample 330-U1372A-9R-6, 39–41 cm; Thin Section 26) (with crossed polars). B. Olivine and plagioclase phenocrysts in glass matrix with microcrysts of plagioclase (Sample 330-U1372A-18R-3, 14–16 cm; Thin Section 51) (partly crossed polars). C. Same as B, except with crossed polars. D. Sector zoning in a titanaugite microphenocryst in an aphyric basalt clast from Unit XIV (Sample 330-U1372A-22R-1, 127–130 cm; Thin Section 60) (with crossed polars).

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