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Figure F46. Close-up photographs of select representative lithologies, Hole U1375A. A. Multicolor basalt conglomerate from Subunit IIA (interval 330-U1375A-2R-1, 1–41 cm), topped by (1) ferromanganese encrustation. The interpebble and intercobble spaces are composed of foraminiferal limestone, finer grained volcaniclastic sediments, cement, and voids, with (2) bioturbations and (3) geopetal structures. This sediment is interpreted as a hemipelagic interval in the sedimentary cover of Achernar Guyot. B. Multicolor basalt breccia from Subunit IIB (interval 330-U1375A-2R-1, 79–119 cm), including (1) an erosional surface, (2) a basalt cobble with a jigsaw-fit texture including calcite cement in its upper border, and (3) sediment infills in some cracks. This subunit is interpreted as a debris flow deposit from the sedimentary cover.

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