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Figure F47. Thin section photomicrographs of micritic limestone, Site U1375. Arrows point toward top of core. A. Micritic limestone from Subunit IIA containing a few planktonic foraminifers (top) overlying volcaniclastic sandstone fragment (bottom) (Sample 330-U1375A-2R-1, 67–70 cm; Thin Section 225) (plane-polarized light). Volcanic glass in the volcaniclastic sandstone is cemented by calcite. B. Micritic limestone from Subunit IIA containing (1) benthic foraminiferal, (2) bryozoan, (3) echinoderm, and (4) planktonic foraminiferal fragments (Sample 330-U1375A-2R-1, 26–29 cm; Thin Section 224) (plane-polarized light). This highly fossiliferous limestone including foraminifers overlies a less fossiliferous one containing macrofossil and volcaniclastic fragments.

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