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Figure F48. (A) Core recovery and stratigraphy of Hole U1372A, with (B–D) representative close-up photographs of geopetals. Vesicles and voids from high in the sequence are filled by a pink micrite lower layer, with the remainder subsequently filled by calcite: (B) intervals 330-U1372A-4R-1A, 87–93 cm (wet); (C) 8R-3A, 105–114 cm (dry); and (D) 21R-1W, 98–102 cm (dry). The pink micrite sediment is still in the original horizontal sedimentary position, indicating that no tilting of these rocks occurred since deposition. The geopetal in D, however, is filled by a lower layer of green material (possibly altered glass shards), with the remainder filled by calcite. The green layer is tilted 9° from the horizontal, indicating this geopetal is not in its in situ position.

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