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Figure F49. A–D. Photograph and thin section photomicrographs of flow alignment in basalt flow from 94.7 mbsf (Sample 330-U1372A-13R-4W, 123–125 cm; Thin Section 38). Flow texture is aligned horizontally from left to right; in all images, upcore is toward the top of the page. B–D show the same field of view: (B) plane-polarized light, (C) crossed polars, (D) reflected light. The flow alignment is weakly visible in A, with elongated vesicles and some horizontal flow texture. This texture is more apparent in thin section, with aligned plagioclase laths visible in B and C. Titanomagnetite crystals are also elongated and aligned, particularly apparent along top of D. As a result of these aligned titanomagnetite crystals, this sample yields a higher degree of magnetic susceptibility anisotropy (see “Paleomagnetism”).

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