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Figure F69. Histograms of Hole U1372A inclination for (A) all archive-half core 2 cm interval data with misfit ≤ 3.40, (B) piece-average inclinations of pieces occurring in distinct lava flow units with ISCI of 3 or 2, and (C) AF or thermally demagnetized discrete samples taken from lava flow units with ISCI of 3 or 2. Statistics presented in inset panels are (i) arithmetic mean (±1σ; ISCI = 3 or 2), (ii) inclination-only mean (±α95; ISCI = 3 or 2), (iii) arithmetic mean (±1σ; ISCI = 3), and (iv) inclination-only mean (±α95; ISCI = 3). Note that because of the uncertainty in whether some individual units are in situ, averages by lithologic unit have not been calculated. Also note that for the piece-average inclinations in B, no stable inclination-only solutions were obtained, and thus none are reported.

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