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Figure F5 (continued). E. Multicolor bioclast basalt conglomerate in Subunit IIIA, interpreted as deposited in a subtidal, shallow-marine environment (interval 330-U1373A-3R-3A, 50–90 cm). F. Multicolor bioclast basalt conglomerate in Subunit IIIB, interpreted as deposited on a beach (interval 330-U1373A-3R-4A, 1–41 cm). Note the occurrence of distinct bedding and larger bioclasts. G. Multicolor basalt conglomerate with bioclasts in Subunit IIIC (Lithofacies 3; upper part) and bluish-gray basalt conglomerate essentially devoid of bioclasts (Lithofacies 4; lower part) (interval 330-U1373A-5R-1A, 29–69 cm). This assemblage of sediments is believed to reflect deposition in an intertidal environment. H. Dark multicolor basalt breccia devoid of bioclasts and carbonate in Subunit IIID, interpreted as a matrix-supported debris flow or possible lahar deposit (interval 330-U1373A-7R-1A, 10–50 cm).

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