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Figure F43. Thin section photomicrographs of vesicles. Each pair is shown with plane-polarized light (left) and with crossed polars (right). A, B. Vesicle (moderately olivine-phyric basalt breccia) filled with two stages of carbonates separated by a layer of brown clay (Sample 330-U1374A-9R-1, 24–28 cm; Thin Section 132). C, D. Vesicles (moderately olivine-plagioclase-phyric basalt breccia) filled with carbonates and botryoidal brown clay minerals (Sample 330-U1374A-29R-7, 80–82 cm; Thin Section 171). E, F. Vesicle (aphyric to moderately plagioclase-phyric basalt breccia) filled with zeolites, green clay minerals, and carbonates (Sample 330-U1374A-44R-2, 121–125 cm; Thin Section 196).

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