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Figure F44. Thin section photomicrographs of vesicles and voids. A. Vesicle (aphyric basalt breccia) showing multistage infillings with black clay, iron oxyhydroxides, and carbonates (Sample 330-U1374A-6R-1, 114–116 cm; Thin Section 123; plane-polarized light). B–E. Vesicles and vuggy voids (in lithic-vitric volcanic sand, volcanic breccia, and sedimentary breccia) filled with well-crystallized zeolites: (B) Sample 330-U1374A-9R-4, 25–29 cm (Thin Section 133; plane-polarized light); (C, D) Sample 7R-4, 112–114 cm (Thin Section 126; plane-polarized light); (E) Sample 13R-1, 50–53 cm (Thin Section 137; plane-polarized light). F. Vesicle (moderately olivine-plagioclase-phyric basalt, lava fragment) filled with botryoidal zeolite (Sample 330-U1374A-29R-4, 107–110 cm; Thin Section 170; crossed polars).

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