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Figure F52. A–C. Rose diagrams showing dip angles of sedimentary bedding in Hole U1374A relative to the core reference frame. Most sedimentary horizons at this site have dips of 20°–25°, likely close to the maximum angle of repose for these wet sand-size sediments. In contrast, bedding in Unit II has shallower dips of mostly 0°–5°, with relatively fewer dips at 5°–20°. D. Plot of dip angle vs. depth for all sedimentary units. A single extremely steep dip angle of 55° is located at 162.3 mbsf in Unit XIII. E. Plot of dip angle vs. depth for Unit II only. Except for the lowermost part of Unit II (black arrow), dip angles in Unit II gradually increase uphole (r2 = 0.53).

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