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Figure F55. Interpreted overlays of representative core photographs of contacts between sheet intrusions and country rocks. Intrusions = light gray, chilled margins = dark gray, breccia country rock = light green, baked contact = dark green. Dashed lines indicate traces of vesicle bands. Raw images with labels are shown in Figure F54. A. Moderately dipping upper contact with baked margin (interval 330-U1374A-55R-1A, 114.5–137 cm). B. Moderately dipping contact with much thinner baked margin (interval 58R-3A, 30–40.7 cm). C. Smallest intrusion recovered (interval 55R-4A, 81.3–91.2 cm). D. Curved intrusive margin into volcanic breccia (interval 60R-1A, 90.4–129.6 cm). E. Contact between younger massive intrusion (lower right) with older fragmented intrusion (upper left) (interval 68R-5A, 30.6–55.5 cm). F. Near-vertical intrusion margin and vesicle bands (interval 59R-1A, 119.5–134.1 cm).

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