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Figure F56. Rose diagrams showing dip angles of structures in Hole U1374A relative to core reference frame. A. Veins are dominantly steeply dipping, with a maximum at ~65°, although numerous veins have shallower dips of 10°–25°. B. Fractures have a broad range of dips, with maxima at ~90°, 65°, and 10°–30°. C. Fifteen structural measurements of magmatic contacts from the edges of intrusive sheets indicate that most of these intrusions have moderate to steep dips (25°–70°), with few subvertical dips and no subhorizontal dips. D. Vesicle bands within these intrusive sheets are steeply dipping, with maxima at ~75° and 90°, indicating that magma flow through these sheets was steep to vertical. E. Most magmatic foliations at Site U1374 were measured on lava flows, which have subhorizontal (0°–15°) dips. Only a limited number of sheet intrusions have magmatic foliation textures in hand samples (most have vesicle bands), resulting in relatively few instances of steep magmatic foliations in the rose diagram.

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