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Figure F73. Downhole plots of paleomagnetic data from archive-half cores, Hole U1374A. A. Core recovery and observed stratigraphy (see Fig. F18 for explanation of patterns and abbreviations). B. Remanent intensity variations: purple = NRM intensities, black = intensities associated with principal component analysis (PCA) directions with misfits ≤ 3.42, gray = intensities associated with PCA directions with misfits > 3.42. C. WRMSL magnetic susceptibility (see “Physical properties”). D. Inclination: red = PCA directions with misfits ≤ 3.42, pink = PCA directions with misfits > 3.42. E. Median destructive field of the vector difference sum (MDF′) for PCA directions with misfits ≤ 3.42.

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