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Figure F92. Composite showing several features imaged using the Formation MicroScanner (FMS), Hole U1374A. FMS images for A–E are overlain by a high-resolution bulk density curve (in red). A. Potential lava lobe in olivine-phyric breccia. B. Stratigraphic Unit XIV/XV boundary (see “Igneous petrology and volcanology” for more details). C. Area of large contrast showing a potential lava lobe (resistive) surrounded by much more conductive breccia. The more resistive layer also exhibits a much higher bulk density. D. Interbedded breccia and lava units. E. Lithologic Units 139 and 140. F. Extensive conductive fractures in lithologic Unit 146. For more details on aforementioned lithologic units, see “Igneous petrology and volcanology.”

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