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Table T2. Occurrence of basalt clast types, Site U1374.

Basalt clasts
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6 Type 7 Type 8 Type 9 Type 10 Type 11
Highly olivine-pyroxene-phyric basalt, 1% vesicles, medium gray Highly olivine-phyric basalt, 0.1% vesicles, mottled gray-orange Aphyric basalt, 2% vesicles, medium gray Sparely olivine-phyric basalt, 10%–20% vesicles, reddish medium gray Aphyric basalt, 15% vesicles, medium gray Basaltic froth in small (modal size = 5 mm) angular clasts, 60% vesicles, yellow Very highly olivine-phyric basalt, 5%–10% vesicles, mottled orange-gray Sparsely olivine-phyric basalt, 1% vesicles, medium gray Aphyric basalt, 0.5% vesicles, medium gray Moderately olivine-phyric basalt, 3% vesicles, medium gray Moderately plagioclase-olivine-phyric basalt, 1% vesicles, greenish medium gray
3R-1 II X X X                
3R-2 II X                    
12R-4 IX       X       X      
13R-1 IX     X X X X          
13R-2 IX X   X X X X          
13R-3 IX X   X   X X          
13R-4 IX     X     X X        
14R-1 IX X   X X   X X        
14R-2 IX       X X X X X      
14R-3 IX         X X   X X X  
14R-4 IX       X   X          
15R-1 IX     X   X X X   X X  
15R-2 IX X X   X X X X   X    
15R-3 IX     X   X     X X X  
21R-3 XI         X       X    
21R-4 XI                 X    
22R-1 XI                 X    
22R-2 XI X               X   X
22R-3 XI X               X    
22R-4 XI X                    

Details on nature and occurrence of clast types are available in SEDIMENT in “Supplementary material.”

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