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Figure F33. Rose diagrams showing dip angles of structures in Hole U1376A relative to the core reference frame. A. Sedimentary beds are dominantly shallowly dipping, with a maximum at 15°. B. The seven chilled contacts measured from flows and intrusions have a broad range of dips from 14° to 80°. C, D. Veins and vein networks are dominantly shallowly dipping, with veins having a pronounced maximum at 20°–25° and vein networks having a maximum at 10°–15°. E. Lithologic Unit 41 (dike) has a substantially different vein pattern compared to the dominantly shallowly dipping veins found elsewhere in Hole U1376A. F. The few fractures in Hole U1376A have dominantly moderate to shallow dips, with a maximum at 25°–30°.

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