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Figure F34. Representative core photographs of veins, Hole U1376A, showing the commonly stepped habit of veins. A. Veins in hyaloclastite of upper parts of Unit III are dominantly subhorizontal (N = 7) with a single steeply dipping vein (interval 330-U1376A-5R-5A, 40–55 cm). B. Six subhorizontal stepped veins and no vertical veins, slightly lower in Unit III (interval 6R-4A, 0–18 cm). C. One of the densest concentrations of veins at Burton Guyot, again with dominantly subhorizontal features (interval 6R-4A, 108–131 cm). D. Excellent example of a stepped vein, particularly on the right-hand side of the core (interval 7R-2A, 68–72 cm). E. Dense concentration of veins, with nine veins 5–10 mm wide (interval 7R-4A, 24–58 cm). F. One of the widest veins in Hole U1376A (interval 21R-3A, 54–61 cm). G. Subvertical and subhorizontal veins located a few meters above the large dike of lithologic Unit 41 (interval 22R-5A, 59–84 cm). Most of the veins in A–G have subvertical growth of cross fibers, but these fibers are more apparent in thin section images (Fig. F35).

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