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Achernar Guyot: Holes U1375A and U1375B

Hole U1375A was thought to have recovered 8.5 m of pelagic sediment that was flushed away during the rotary core barrel drilling process, leaving only a small amount of disturbed sediment in the core catcher. This sample contains a mixed assemblage of nannofossils that includes C. macintyrei and H. sellii, indicative of Pliocene to early Pleistocene age sediments (Table T1).

Scrapings were taken with a razor blade from the indurated sedimentary matrix of the volcanic breccia in Section 330-U1375A-2R-1. Sample 2R-1, 32 cm, is nearly barren, with a single specimen of Coccolithus pelagicus observed. Sample 2R-1, 13 cm, contains rare specimens of Prinsius bisulcus, Prinsius dimorphosus, and Prinsius martinii, indicating an early Paleocene age.

A sample taken from the core catcher of Core 330-U1375B-1R contains only rare Pliocene to Pleistocene nannofossils (Table T1).