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Figure F72. Complex vein network and crosscutting relationships (Sample 335-1256D-Run12-RCJB-Rock B; Thin Section 21). A, B. Thin section images in (A) plane-polarized and (B) cross-polarized light. C. Sketch of traced outline of veins. Pl = plagioclase, Cpx = Clinopyroxene, Opx = orthopyroxene. D–F. Photomicrographs of (D) orthopyroxene diffuse vein, (E) amphibole diffuse vein crosscutting the chilled margin of older magmatic vein, and (F, G) original magmatic (coarser grained) vein changed into amphibole vein because of hydrothermal alteration in (F) plane-polarized and (G) cross-polarized light.

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