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Figure F73. Photomicrographs of complex vein network and crosscutting relationships (Sample 335-1256D-Run12-RCJB-Rock C; Thin Section 22). A, B. Full thin section image in (A) plane-polarized and (B) cross-polarized light. C, D. Thick amphibole needle vein with alteration halo crosscuts the amphibole diffuse veins. E, F. Amphibole (Amp) vein derived from Orthopyroxene (Opx)-rich vein. Cpx = clinopyroxene, Pl = plagioclase. G, H. Example of a black vein crosscutting and being refracted in an amphibole vein. The crosscutting chlorite vein is represented in red for the main part of the sample and orange in the vein/alteration zone. The change in orientation is ~6° (C, D).

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