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Figure F79. Orthogonal vector plots of alternating field (AF) demagnetization data from discrete samples prepared during Expedition 335 from working half core sections recovered during Expedition 312. Data were measured using the AGICO JR-6A spinner magnetometer and demagnetized using the DTech D-2000 system. Expanded views of Samples 335(312)-1256D-222R-1W, 13 cm, and 223R-2W, 6 cm (blue arrows), show details of characteristic remanence components isolated after removal of drilling-induced components by low AF treatments. Note removal of significant vertical drilling-induced remanence by low-temperature demagnetization (77 K step) in Sample 231R-3W, 53 cm. Solid circles = projection onto the horizontal plane, open circles = projection onto either the vertical north–south or east–west planes. NRM = natural remanent magnetization.

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