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Figure F81. Equal-area stereographic projections showing remanence components in discrete samples distributed downhole from the top of Gabbro 1 (IODP core reference frame). A. Natural remanent magnetization (NRM) directions. B. Steep, low-coercivity/low-unblocking temperature components inferred to represent drilling-induced remanent magnetizations. C. High-coercivity/high-unblocking temperature characteristic remanence (ChRM) directions calculated from principal component analysis of alternating field and thermal demagnetization data. Note the spread of ChRM directions resulting from the lack of azimuthal control on the orientation of core pieces. Data represent a compilation of measurements on discrete samples taken from Expedition 312 core sections, from shipboard analyses conducted during Expedition 335 by Y.-M. Kim and A. Morris, and from shore-based analyses conducted by D. Wilson and R. Anma.

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