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Table T13. Chronology of logging operations in Hole 1256D during Expedition 335.


Tool depth

Rig floor preparation 26 May 2000    
Run 1: triple combo        
Start tool string rig up   2030    
Tool string check   2200    
RIH   2250 0  
Start downlog 27 May 0050 3800  
Tool string at end of pipe   0055 3865  
WHC testing   0105 4000 Heave was 1–2 m peak to peak; chosen configuration reduced tool motion by 50%
Resume downlog   0150 4000  
End downlog   0245 5100 Downlog interrupted to fully calibrate resistivity tool (HRLA) to ambient temperature
Reach total depth   0255 5165  
Begin first pass up   0300 5165 Problem opening caliper; decided not to run repeat to avoid trouble
Speed up   0405 4850 Priority was lower ~300 m; continue mostly for caliper
Turn off WHC   0455 3950  
Pull into pipe   0505 3864  
End first pass up   0505    
Tools out; start rig down   0700    
Tools rigged down   0900   Bowsprings of upper centralizer appear worn out and need to be replaced
Run 2: FMS-sonic        
Start tool string rig up   0915   Upper centralizer bowsprings replaced while rigging up
Tool string check   1020    
RIH   1050 0  
Tool string at end of pipe   1240 3865  
Pull tool to surface   1250 3885 Could not pass below 3885 mbrf; assumed trouble with new springs
Tool string at surface   1410 0  
RIH   1455 0 Inspection showed no damage; assumed springs too stiff and try again
Tool string at end of pipe   1625 3865  
Tool declared stuck   1800 3885 Tried for >1 h to move, pump…
Tool recovery        
Drop Kinley crimper   2140   Based on depth, count 1 h to work tool down
Drop Kinley hammer   2240   2300 h, lost connection with cable head
Drop Kinley cutter 28 May 0015    
Drop Kinley hammer   0120   0140 h, wireline cut
Wireline on deck   0330    
Tool string at surface   0940   DSI receiver array sticking out of bit
All tools rigged down   1130    

RIH = run into hole, WHC = wireline heave compensator, HRLA = High-Resolution Laterolog Array, FMS = Formation MicroScanner, DSI = Dipole Sonic Imager. This table is available in ASCII and in Microsoft Excel format (see 103_T13.XLS in CHAPTER_103 in TABLES in “Supplementary material”).

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