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Table T6. Acronyms and units used for downhole wireline tools and measurements.

Tool Output Explanation Unit
DEBI-t   Deep Exploration Biosphere Investigative tool  
Ax, Ay, Az Acceleration (three orthogonal components) m/s2
ADC Analog-to-digital converted voltage of the detectors counts
TEMP Internal tool temperature °C
VIDEO Optical video (of borehole wall)  
DSI   Dipole Shear Sonic Imager  
DTCO Compressional wave delay time (Δt) ms/ft
DTSM Shear wave delay time (Δt) ms/ft
DTST Stoneley wave delay time (Δt) ms/ft
EDTC   Enhanced Digital Telemetry Cartridge  
GR Total gamma ray gAPI
ECGR Environmentally corrected gamma ray gAPI
EHGR High-resolution environmentally corrected gamma ray gAPI
MTEM Borehole fluid temperature °C
FMS   Formation MicroScanner  
C1, C2 Orthogonal hole diameters inch
P1AZ Pad 1 azimuth degrees
  Spatially oriented resistivity images of borehole wall  
GPIT   General Purpose Inclinometry Tool  
DEVI Hole deviation degrees
HAZI Hole azimuth degrees
Fx, Fy, Fz Earth’s magnetic field (three orthogonal components) Oe
Ax, Ay, Az Acceleration (three orthogonal components) m/s2
HLDS   Hostile Environment Litho-Density Sonde  
RHOM Bulk density g/cm3
PEFL Photoelectric effect b/e
LCAL Caliper (measure of borehole diameter) inch
DRH Bulk density correction g/cm3
HNGS   Hostile Environment Gamma Ray Sonde  
HSGR Standard (total) gamma ray gAPI
HCGR Computed gamma ray (HSGR minus uranium contribution) gAPI
HFK Potassium (K) wt%
HTHO Thorium (Th) ppm
HURA Uranium (U) ppm
HRLA   High-Resolution Laterolog Array  
RLAXXX Apparent resistivity from computed focusing mode XXX Ωm
RT True resistivity Ωm
MRES Borehole fluid resistivity Ωm
LEH-MT   Logging equipment head-mud temperature  
MTEM Borehole fluid temperature °C
TENS Cablehead tension lbf
LEH-QT   Logging environment head-q tension  
TENS Cablehead tension lbf
MTT   Modular Temperature tool  
WTEP Borehole fluid temperature °C

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