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Table T7. Specifications for the Deep Exploration Biosphere Investigative tool (DEBI-t).

Item Specification
Temperature rating (°C) Up to 50
Pressure rating (psi) 10,000
Power requirements 24 VDC, 2A
Length (inches) 94
Weight (kg)  
Air 53.5
Internal components 6
Submerged 44.5
Type Photomultiplier tubes (PMTs)
Number 7
Excitation source 224 nm HeAg laser (Photon Systems, Inc.)
Laser spot size 1 mm from instrument - 2 mm
Video High-definition pin-hole camera with micro-SD card capable of recording up to 8 h of continuous video
Maximum logging speed 275 m/h (900 ft/h)
Resolution at maximum logging speed Data point every 15 mm
Sampling rate (Hz) 4
Cablehead connection Schlumberger type

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