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Figure F42. Summary of Hole U1382A logging results. Blue lines = log unit divisions, black lines = limits of pipe and casing. Measurements include borehole diameter (C1, C2 = FMS Pass 1; CALI = AMC I uplog), total gamma ray (TGR; FMS p2, FMS p1 = from FMS-HNGS Pass 1, Pass 2; FMS DL = from FMS-HNGS downlog; EDTC DL = from AMC I downlog), density (bulk density = from AMC I uplog, bulk density H = high-resolution data from AMC I uplog, MAD = moisture and density testing on discrete samples), resistivity (RLA5 UL, RLA5 DL = deepest resistivity from AMC I uplog, downlog; RLA4 UL and RLA4 DL = deep resistivity from AMC I uplog, downlog), and temperature (Temp UL, Temp DL = temperature from LEH-MT sensor on AMC I uplog, downlog). A summary of core recovery and lithologic units is provided at the far left (see Fig. F3 for full explanation).

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