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Figure F15. Photomicrographs of aphyric basalts, Unit 3. A. Skeletal plagioclase laths exhibiting belt-buckle and swallow-tailed forms (Sample 336-U1383C-16R-2, 39–43 cm [Piece 7], Thin Section 48). B. Radiating acicular plagioclase bundles shown in microcrystalline basalt (Sample 336-U1383C-31R-2, 5–8 cm [Piece 1], Thin Section 56). C–E. Sample 336-U1383C-23R-1, 57–61 cm (Piece 10), Thin Section 52: (C) hopperlike olivine crystal in microcrystalline basalt, (D) lanternlike olivine crystal in microcrystalline basalt, (E) swallow-tailed olivine crystal in microcrystalline basalt. F. Linked-chain and lantern-and-chain olivine crystals shown in variolitic chilled margin (Sample 336-U1383C-16R-2, 30–33 cm [Piece 6], Thin Section 47).

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