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Figure F8. Close-up photograph of interflow sediments and sedimentary breccia, Units 1 and 2. A. Interflow limestone with beige color composed of nearly 100% micritic calcite and sand- to silt-sized basaltic black spots (interval 336-U1383C-10R-2, 64–70 cm [Piece 10]). Color change from light brown to darker brown is attributed to grain size and an increased amount of clay. B. Brecciated sparsely phyric basalt showing jigsaw-puzzle clasts cemented by a micritic matrix identical to interflow sediments (interval 336-U1383C-6R-1, 128–132 cm [Piece 21]). Note also the brown alteration halos superimposed onto dark halos from both sides of the thin (0.2 mm) vertical vein in the center of the piece.

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