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Figure F9. Binocular microscope photomicrographs and close-up photographs of select chilled margins, Hole U1383C. A. Planar chilled margin of phyric basalt from Unit 2, interpreted as representing the margin of a sheet flow (interval 336-U1383C-9R-1, 49–54 cm [Piece 8]). The crypto- to microcrystalline groundmass hosts euhedral tabular plagioclase phenocrysts with minor and partly altered olivine. B. Glassy margin showing translucent red palagonitized glass with spherulitic devitrification textures surrounding plagioclase laths (interval 336-U1383C-9R-3, 65–71 cm [Piece 9]). Note the zeolite-rich veinlet crosscutting a plagioclase phenocryst. Field of view = 2 cm.

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