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Figure F16. CORK downhole instrument strings with OsmoSampler packages, Expedition 336. A. Close-up of copper coils for gas OsmoSamplers. B. Stainless steel coupler in MBIO OsmoSampler, showing placement of Teflon tube in support-rod groove and set screws. C. Spectra rope spliced with eyes. D. Filled osmotic pumps connected to plastic couplers. E. Connection of oxygen probe to OsmoSampler packages on the rig floor. F. Insertion of OsmoSamplers into top of CORK in the rotary table on rig floor. Note that the gloved hand touches a clear PVC tube that protects the underlying Teflon tubing. G. Landing seat on instrument string. H. Top plug of instrument string connected to Spectra (with 1 m hydraulic hose protection). Photos by Beth Orcutt (A–C), Bill Crawford/TAMU (E, F, and H), and Geoff Wheat (D and G).

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