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Figure F17. Fast-flow wellhead OsmoSamplers. A. Inside of the distilled water reservoirs of the fast-flow OsmoSamplers, showing the plastic liner used for holding the distilled water. B. Assembly of umbilical Y-connection to the base of the distilled water reservoirs. C. Continued assembly of the umbilical T-connections to the OsmoSampler intakes. D. Assembled fast-flow wellhead OsmoSamplers prior to deployment in the moonpool, with MBIO OsmoSampler and standard OsmoSampler in the middle of the distilled water reservoirs. Pump head and umbilical connection are held in the orange buckets in the back of the picture, with the pump head submerged in seawater and the umbilical connector submerged in distilled water. E. OsmoSampler attached to Hole U1382A CORK wellhead in the chemistry bay, with umbilical connected to opened upper left valve. Photos by Sam Hulme (A), Beth Orcutt (B–D), and Bill Crawford/TAMU (E).

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