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Figure F55. Sampling scheme and flow diagram for various microbiology samples and analyses, Expedition 337. Letters in brackets = sample code (see MBIO_SAMPLE_LIST.XLSX in MBIO in “Supplementary material”). MBIO = microbiology, IW = interstitial water, Sed. = sedimentology, PFC = perfluorocarbon, pSRR = potential sulfate reduction rate, H2ase = hydrogenase, NanoSIMS = nanoscale secondary–ion mass spectrometry, GC-ECD = gas chromatograph–electron capture detector, FCM = flow cytometry, FISH = fluorescence in situ hybridization, PCR = polymerase chain reaction, qPCR = quantitative polymerase chain reaction, T-RFLP = terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism, subst. = substrate, cont. = contaminated.

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