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Figure F24. Smear slide and binocular microscope plates of mineralogy in cuttings samples. A, B. Carbonate sediment, showing fibrous calcium-carbonate (possible slickenfibers) (Sample 338-C0002F-112-SMW; 1335.5 mbsf) in (A) PPL and (B) XPL. C. Representative volcanic glass (Sample 338-C0002F-24-SMW; 940.5 mbsf; PPL). D. Zoned zircon (Sample 338-C0002F-50-SMW; 1055.5 mbsf; PPL). E, F. Tourmaline (Sample 338-C0002F-50-SMW; 1055.5 mbsf) in (E) PPL and (F) XPL.

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