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Figure F43. Images of ichnotaxa and other discrete burrows generally associated with Unit III. A. Zoophycos burrows (interval 338-C0002J-1R-1, 59–64 cm). B. Chondrites burrows (interval 338-C0002J-1R-1, 19–22 cm). C. Possible cross-sections of Zoophycos (interval 338-C0002J-1R-3, 21–23 cm). D. Variety of discrete burrows, including Zoophycos; central clay-lined burrow appears to have a localized deformation structure along the left side (arrow) (interval 338-C0002J-1R-7, 16–25 cm). E. Discrete layer of pyritized burrows (interval 338-C0002J-1R-8, 75–77.4 cm). F. Unidentified discrete burrow (interval 338-C0002J-1R-7, 2–5 cm).

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