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Figure F44. Evidence for syndepositional erosional processes in the lower part of Unit III. A. Angular clast of calcareous silty claystone (C) surrounded by glauconitic sandy claystone above a sharp contact between the two lithologies (interval 338-C0002J-5R-8, 20–25 cm). B. Inclined laminae (lighter dashed lines) and high-angular erosional surface (heavier dashed line) within a bed of glauconitic sandy claystone (interval 338-C0002J-5R-8, 77–92 cm). C. Angular clasts of brownish silty claystone within a lighter claystone (interval 338-C0002J-4R-4, 0–5 cm). D. Sharp boundary with millimeter-scale scour between two silty claystones (interval 338-C0002J-5R-6, 1.5–5.5 cm).

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