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Figure F57. Characteristic examples of slickenlined surfaces in cuttings. A. Sample 338-C0002F-86-SMW, >4 mm (1215.5 mbsf). B. Enlargement of A (box). C. Thin section photomicrograph of incipient slickenlined surface (plane of view is perpendicular to the slickenlined surface) (Sample 338-C0002F-98-SMW, >4 mm; 1265.5 mbsf; XPL). White dashed lines and arrow = preferred alignment of clay minerals parallel to slickenlined surface, constituting a 200–400 µm wide zone. D. Stepped slickenlined surface (Sample 338-C0002F-169-SMW, >4 mm; 1565.5 mbsf). Arrow = movement direction of the (presently missing) upper side.

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