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Figure F4. Comparison between the (A) >63 µm sand fraction and (B) Globigerina bulloides (G.b.) δ18O and (C) benthic δ18O records of Cores 339-U1387C-5R (green) and 339-U1387A-36X (dark blue) on the corrected mcd (c-mcd) scale. The tie point for the splice transition was placed at the uppermost level of the sand maximum (408.27 c-mcd). The similarity between the planktonic and benthic δ18O records indicates that both cores record nearly the same time interval but with higher resolution and apparently extending slightly farther back in time in Core 339-U1387A-36X. Note that the records of both cores extend into the respective core catchers. VPDB = Vienna Peedee belemnite.

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