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Figure F3. Benthic δ18O and δ13C records for transitions where short coring gaps are indicated in Table T1 (i.e., where no overlapping sampling was possible and the top of the subsequent core in the splice is appended to the core catcher of the core above). B24, A25, A27, A28, etc. = hole and core number. VPDB = Vienna Peedee belemnite. A. Transition from Core 339-U1387B-24X to Core 339-U1387A-25X. B. Transition from Core 339-U1387A-27X to Core 339-U1387A-28X. C. Transition from Core 339-U1387B-29X to Core 339-U1387A-30X. D. Transition from Core 339-U1387B-31X to Core 339-U1387A-32X. E. Transition from Core 339-U1387B-34X to Core 339-U1387A-35X. F. Transition from Core 339-U1387A-36X to Core 339-U1387B-36X.

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