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Table T1. Core depth scales used as part of IODP Expedition 341.

depth scale
Complete name ODP equivalent name Definition
CSF-A Core depth below seafloor Meters below seafloor (mbsf) Initial drilling depth.
CCSF-A Core composite depth below seafloor, appended Meters composite depth (mcd) Composite depth scale in which cores from all holes are aligned by adding an affine value specific to each core.
CCSF-D Splice Splice Composite sequence representing the complete stratigraphy at a site. It is composed of core sections from adjacent holes such that coring gaps or sampling gaps in one hole are filled with sediment from an adjacent hole.
CCSF-B Corrected composite depth scale   Corrects for the affine growth and is the same length as the total depth cored. It is constructed by applying the specific equations determined for various depth intervals at each site.

For downhole logging depth scales, see Table T6.

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