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Table T2. Sampling plan for interstitial water analyses to cover shipboard analytical priorities and shore-based sample requests.

Priority (if IW is limited) Amount
Splitting and preparation
ICP-AES major elements 0.1 2.5 mL IW into 5 mL cryovial, add 10 mL HNO3 concentrated (include IW split for onshore trace metals analysis)
ICP-AES minor elements 0.5
IC 0.1 5 mL IW into 5 mL cryovial, store in fridge until respective analysis
Phosphate (photometric) 0.3
Ammonium (photometric) 0.1
Chlorinity (titration) 0.5
Alkalinity/pH (titration) 3 3 mL into 5 mL cryovial, titrate fast after squeezing
IW splits (onshore: δ18O,
chlorinity, silica)
2–12 2–12 mL in 2–6 mL cryovials, freeze/cool (depending on onshore analysis)
IW splits (onshore: DIC,
Ca/Sr/S isotopes)
2–12 2–12 mL into 2–6 mL (cryo)vials, cool, DIC sample toxified with HgCl2

IW = interstitial water, ICP-AES = inductively coupled plasma–atomic emission spectroscopy, IC = ion chromatograph, DIC = dissolved inorganic carbon.

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