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Figure F9. Primary facies, Site U1418. A. Dark gray (N 4) mud without lonestones (Facies F1b; interval 341-U1418A-5H-2A, 28–34 cm). B. Laminated mud (Facies F1c; interval 341-U1418F-34R-6A, 20–29 cm). C. Diatom ooze (Facies F5a; interval 341-U1418F-46R-2A, 2–10 cm). D. Interbedded silt and mud (Facies F2b; interval 341-U1418C-20H-5A, 91–104 cm). E. Normally graded sand with erosive lower boundary (Facies F3a; interval 341-U1418A-27H-1A, 141–145 cm). F. Volcanic ash (arrows) (Facies F6; interval 341-U1418F-58R-5A, 81–90 cm). G. Interlaminated silt and mud (Facies F2b; interval 341-U1418F-63R-3A, 46–52 cm). H. Laminated mud with thin bedded diamict (arrows) (Facies F4d; interval 341-U1418F-30R-3A, 92–102 cm). I. Muddy diamict (Facies 4a; interval 341-U1418D-35X-5A, 84–91 cm). J. Muddy diamict (Facies F4a; interval 341-U1418F-4R-3A, 106–116 cm).

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