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Figure F7. A. Weak plagioclase and pyroxene shape-preferred orientation (SPO; red arrow) (Sample 345-U1415H-1R-1, 18–22 cm [Piece 4]). B–F. Sample 345-U1415H-1R-1, 51–53 cm (Piece 10). B. Moderate plagioclase, clinopyroxene, and olivine SPO (red arrow). Olivine SPO is locally defined by tabular, partially skeletal olivine crystals. Red boxes (tick marks show upward direction) indicate location of images in C, E, and F. C. Subgrain development in olivine. D. Deformation twins and subgrain development in plagioclase (this image is outside of the area shown in B). E. Equilibrated cluster of polygonal plagioclase with 120° grain junctions. F. Plagioclase crystals showing seriate, bulging grain boundaries, indicative of grain boundary migration.

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