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Figure F8. Brittle structures in olivine gabbro (Sample 345-U1415H-1R-1, 0–4 cm [Piece 1]). A. Macroscopic character of cataclastic deformation. B. Cataclastic deformation along the sample margin. Outlines show the location of C–F. C. Localized zone of cataclasite hosting angular clasts in a dark, clay-rich(?) matrix. D. Zone of localized strain in cataclasite, small rounded clasts in a clay-filled matrix. E. Sharp boundary between zones of moderate-intensity cataclasite and ultracataclasite. F. Fractured plagioclase and clinopyroxene crystals occur throughout the thin section, forming cataclastic zones with angular clasts, formed by grain size reduction and grain rotation. B, E, and F are under crossed polars; C and D are under plane-polarized light.

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