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Figure F16. Vertical intrinsic permeability for mud and mudstone specimens from NanTroSEIZE Nankai Trough transect (Fig. F1) and Muroto transect, ODP Leg 190 (Gamage et al., 2011). Sources of NanTroSEIZE data include Rowe et al. (2011), Saffer et al. (2011), Guo et al. (2011), Dugan and Daigle (2011), Ekinici et al. (2011), Yue et al. (2012), Screaton et al. (2013), Dugan and Zhao (2013), Hüpers and Kopf (2012), Guo and Underwood (2014), Daigle and Dugan (2014). Circled symbols highlight deeper core specimens from Hole C0002P (this study).

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