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Expedition 368X datasets published in Zenodo

To view or download Expedition 368X data from Zenodo, navigate to the IODP Community page in Zenodo ( and copy either the dataset name or DOI into the search field. The following datasets are published in Zenodo for Expedition 368X.

Expedition 368X datasets published in Zenodo
Dataset name DOI
Operations Summaries
Hole summary
Hole drilling summary
Core summary
Core drilling summary
Section summary
Rig instrumentation
Subsea camera (VIT)
Curation and Samples
Sample report
Piece log
Core composition images
Section-half images
Closeup images
Thin section images
Whole round core section composites
Description and Paleontology
Visual core description
Magnetic remanence (SRM-longcore)
Magnetic remanance (spinner)
Magnetic susceptibility (whole round)
Magnetic susceptibility (section half)
Physical Properties
Natural gamma radiation
Bulk density (GRA)
Bulk and grain density (MAD)
P-wave velocity caliper (section/discrete)
Color reflectance
RGB channels (calculated from core photo)
Thermal conductivity
Chemistry and Microbiology
Carbonates analysis report
Elemental analysis (CHNS)
Inorganic carbon (coulometer)
Gas safety report
Source Rock Analysis
X-ray diffraction (XRD)
Shore based X-ray fluorescence
Hand held X-ray fluorescence