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Figure F4. High-resolution, time-migrated three-dimensional seismic profiles through proposed Site NT1-03. Three holes are shown; Hole NT1-03B has been designated as the primary target, Hole NT1-03A is the first choice alternate, and Hole NT1-03C is the last choice. Thick black lines represent scheduled drilling depth targets for Expedition 316 and thinner black lines represent approved depths for deeper drilling, as they constitute a scientifically valuable target and represent a viable contingency site for all operations. All three holes penetrate the package of bright reflectors interpreted to represent the frontal thrust at ~6 s two-way traveltime (interpreted to be ~850 mbsf and deepening toward the backarc). Hole NT1-03B was chosen to mitigate the risks associated with steep seafloor slopes found at the location of Hole NT1-03A, and so avoiding the significantly deeper required total depth in Hole NT1-03C. Vertical exaggeration = 2.5.

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